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Brits set to spend £17bn over Christmas period

Christmas Money Saving Tips

Santa’s sacks are piling up and we all need to start preparing and yet planning can smash costs!

Be creative, not costly

There are many ways to give great gifts without spending a fortune. With a drop of imagination and spark of creativity, you can find any number of great gifts costing just £5.

Use discount codes / vouchers

Shops are clever: in the run up to Christmas they want to entice new customers with discounts, but without reducing the price for people who’ll shop there anyway. Yet, whether online or on the high street, there are loads of hidden vouchers and discount codes to get money off

Bah humbug! Delay Christmas

Well, delay it for a few presents at least. Don’t feel forced into giving huge presents in time for Christmas. If the gift is likely to be one that’ll be reduced in the sales, why not simply send an IOU note with a promise to buy by mid-January.

Secret Santa

Why not follow the old tradition of Secret Santa? This is where a group of work colleagues, friends, or even a school class set a budget, eg, £5 or £10 per present, and secretly draw names out of a hat for who needs to buy for whom. This way you need only buy one present for the group rather than scores.

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