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Many of those in debt dream of big windfall

When it comes to personal debt, one of the worst things you can do is simply hope it will go away somehow. Unfortunately, a recent poll suggests that many may be doing just that and relying on a hugely unlikely windfall to sort out their finances.

Debts and dreams

Whilst there is nothing wrong with having pleasant dreams and an active imagination, Britons seem to be pinning their hopes on an unlikely cash windfall to answer their considerable debt problems. In fact, two-thirds of the adult population seem to be relying on this fantasy fast fix to get them out of their own personal debt scenario. Although many of these individuals understand that the chances of this actually happening are fairly improbable, the fact remains that over 50 percent of these have yet to seek proper debt advice.


These insightful sets of results were garnered from a poll taken from nearly 1,000 UK based adults by Thai personal debt expert DDnard. She is the author of a number of best-selling self-help books and she knows a thing or two about this surprising attitude. She understands that many otherwise sensible adults tend to either shy away from the obvious problems or choose to fantasise about how they can remedy the situation. Sadly, neither of these outlooks proves to be constructive and they usually dig an even deeper debt hole as a result. DDnard herself had personal debts that totalled £2 million and it is this experience that has helped her to become the expert that is so respected today.

Wishful thinking

The best-selling author opined that facing up to the debt itself is the only method that will work, and by wasting time dreaming of these fantasy windfalls, they will fall even further into debt. As well as the magical windfall, usually a lottery win, 19% were expecting a huge pay rise, and we all know that these are not to be depended on in this economic climate. Seeking professional debt advice seemed to be far away from many UK adults’ minds and they were less than sure about who they should actually go to for this vital advice source. Another surprising and slightly worrying aspect of this poll was the fact that a large proportion of this debt was caused by non-essential purchases that included holidays and home improvements.

If you have had enough of dreaming your way out of your own personal debt nightmare, please call Dissolve Debt today. We have a team of experts who are ready and waiting to help you secure a debt-free future. We can create a bespoke plan that suits your exact needs and pretty soon, you could be on the path to a totally debt-free future! We have been helping the UK public get a grip on their debt problems since our inception back in 2004. We are a family based firm and understand that it can be all too easy to fall into debt these days. So please call us today and we’ll soon have the all of the answers that you are looking for in order to start living your lives without the stress of debt.

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