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Personal debt advice for the New Year

New Year Resolutions are simple to make but unfortunately, breaking them is even easier. Some are fun and not intended to make any kind of permanent life change, but others are more important and you should give them serious thought. Perhaps the most vital of these is a promise to yourself to get your finances under control.

Stop the worry

Have a think about the last twelve months and ask yourself if you have been losing sleep worrying about money. Everyone has a 4 a.m. moment every now and again, but if you find that you are tossing and turning on a regular basis trying to work out how to make ends meet, it sounds as though you need to give your finances an overhaul. Some debts can be rescheduled to minimise the payments you need to make and this is a simple matter and may be all it takes to get you back to financial health. If you have been taking out expensive short term loans to get through the month you should seek help immediately. This kind of borrowing is not sensible anyway, but it shows that finances are in a dire strait, so action needs to be taken as soon as possible.

It isn’t difficult to get back on track

Not everyone will need any kind of intervention to get their finances back on the straight and narrow. Sometimes simple savings can be made which, taken together, can amass a large enough sum each month to cope with a troublesome bill. Food is very expensive and is the biggest single outlay for many families, coming to more than mortgage or rent. By swapping to cheaper options and in some cases cutting out treats, large amounts of money can be shaved off the bills. If you are in the habit of buying coffee to go on your way to work, you can save a lot by making your own or waiting till you get to the kettle in the staff room – nearly £100 a month is the saving if you usually have a grande latte. If you drink the really fancy stuff, it can be even more. Think the dent that amount of money can make in your credit card bill and then multiply it up by all the expensive choices you can adjust downwards. You can soon be comfortable with your spending again, without doing without anything; all you need do is rethink your buying options.

Where can you go?

The first step to improving your finances in the New Year is to accept that you must change. This is the hardest part of the process and when you have come to that decision, everything is easy. What you need is help from experts and this is where Dissolve Debt comes in. With their decades of combined experience, the experts at Dissolve Debt will help you assess your indebtedness and suggest the best way forward. There is a quick calculator on the website – http://www.dissolvedebt.co.uk – that you can use to see what they can do for you and then you can start the New Year as you mean to go on, with no money worries.

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