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We are a financial management company who specialise in helping people with debt problems, as long as your client owes more than £5,000 in unsecured debts, has two or more unsecured creditors and can afford to make a contribution of more than £100 per month back to their creditors we can help!

Dissolve Debt Ltd are always on the look out for creating new business relationships, if you are a company or website looking to place debt leads we can arrange a referral fee for passing leads that suit our criteria.

Dissolve Debt is a successful financial solutions company operating in the Northwest of England. We utilise sophisticated software and staff to manage our clients at every step. We are licensed by The Office of Fair Trading and all our advice is reviewed by Chartered Accountants. We are also on the approved lists of all major creditors.

How Can You Help?

We welcome leads where the client has been refused a consolidation loan or has significant unsecured debts and need financial assistance. Other leads of interest to ourselves would be failed IVA’s that are unsuitable for an IVA but still require help with their finances.


Tracking your Cases

We pride ourselves on technology; our IT system is able to track your referrals from start to finish providing detailed reports on the progress of all cases. We can produce lead progress reports on demand either weekly or monthly.


Typical Method of Referral

E-mail transfer. Client files can be sent to us electronically.

Fax. Client details can be faxed to us. We would require just a name and a telephone number.

Mid-call transfer. The live phone call can be transferred to our offices.

Any other methods suitable methods of referral may be discussed.



Typically we are able to pay out between £500 and £1000 per successful IVA, your commission due would be dependant on the information/documents we receive from either you or your client. Commission would be payable once our mutual client has passed the ‘meeting of their creditors’ stage – typically 4-6 weeks after we receive their full documents to proceed with an IVA.

For debt management cases we currently pay 100% of the first/initial payment that we receive (this is usually based on the client’s disposable income, or what they would be able to afford on a monthly basis).

Contact us

For further details on our referral programs please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Please contact us on 0870 9777 977 or send an email to discuss things further.