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Equity Release

Release the equity in your property

What is Equity Release?

A cash lump sum to spend as you wish without committing to a loan or monthly payment.

Have you got cash tied up that you would like to use at no extra cost to you?

Due to the significant rise in property prices in recent years, more and more people are taking out Equity Release Plans and as a result it has now become a very significant marketplace.  Dissolve Debt are a reputable company who are regulated, authorised and equipped with friendly, knowledgeable, professional advisors who are happy to discuss your requirements and circumstances to provide you with best advice for FREE without NO OBLIGATION whatsoever!

What is Equity?

The difference between what your property value and any outstanding debt you may have, such as a mortgage or other secured loan on the property, is called equity. Equity release is simply a process which allows you to release your own equity without having to sell up and move out.

How much as your house value increased by?

A homeowner of any age can release money from their property by re-mortgaging. This means either increasing the amount of their existing mortgage or taking a new mortgage on their property if it is currently mortgage free. However, there are some specific plans that enable homeowners to release money from their property without any monthly repayments ever having to be made. Equity release allows you to release tax-free cash in the form of a lump sum or regular weekly / monthly income. There are a range of equity release plans which allow you to:

  • Make no monthly repayments
  • Release equity from your home safely
  • Have cash to spend however you want to
  • Continue to live in your home for the rest of your lifetime

Reasons to choose equity release

We’ve helped thousands of homeowners across the UK to make the most of their finances by safely releasing equity from their homes with an equity release scheme.

Many of them took the opportunity to:

  • Make some home/garden improvements
  • Buy a new car
  • Take regular holidays and short breaks
  • Treat family and friends
  • Improve or maintain their lifestyle

Start enjoying life for free

Dissolve Debt offer a range of equity release products suited to varying circumstances that essentially work the same way, giving cash on the value of your property, allowing you to continue to live in your home or make a fresh start without any monthly payments!

To find out if equity release is right for you call our professional advisors who will discuss your requirements, look at your options and present you with FREE NO OBLIGATION BEST ADVICE. Call us NOW FREE on 0800 0122 111.