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Repossession Advice

We can help you keep your home

Can you stop my repossession?

Have you been threatened with repossession by your mortgage provider?

Don’t Panic, Act NOW and the order could be stopped! Even if proceedings for repossession have already began to take place, repossession orders take time before they can be enforced.

With rates ‘going through the roof’ it’s no wonder people are struggling to maintain their mortgage repayments. At Dissolve Debt we have a range of products that can help reduce your monthly payments from fixed rate loans and remortgages to debt payment plans and consolidation.

What can be done to stop this?

An application for the order to be adjourned.

This may allow you enough time to pay off arrears owed, there are several routes to raise enough funds to get you back on track and stop you losing your home.

If you are struggling to maintain your repayments due to the increase in rates we can provide fixed rate mortgages which will mean you have a fixed, stable monthly payment that will not change for a specific time period making it easy for you to maintain. However, if your arrears are historic and your circumstances have changed and your income is now higher, there are authorised and regulated lenders that will help you raise funds to clear your arrears by way of a loan or remortgage.

Consolidation by way of a loan or remortgage. YES, there are authorised and regulated lenders out there that are both trustworthy and willing to help people repair their credit. A consolidation loan enables you to take all your high interest loans and credit cards, put them all together and reduce your monthly outgoings. This may be the right solution for you and will free up some money to enable you to make your mortgage payments. What’s more is you may actually also save you money on the interest you are paying on multiple loans and credit cards.

Debt Advice and plans are available to people who have unsecured credit that they simply cannot afford, and can reduce your monthly outgoings with one fixed stable monthly payment (link to debt plan). In some circumstances (if you qualify) we can actually reduce your monthly outgoings by 55% and your total debt amount by 70% resulting in you being debt free within 60 months.

Cash for your property without estate agents

This option offers ‘a very quick sale’ of your property, no estate agent or solicitor fees and is a very quick process. We will discuss your individual circumstance, how quickly you need to sell the house, whether you’d like to rent back or simply sell your home fast. If repossession is looming then we will explain what steps we will take to delay the proceedings so you do not loose your house. What ever your circumstance we will discuss your options and advice how best we can help.

  • You can rent back your own house.
  • You can even have an option to buy the house back in a few years time. We will fix the price now.
  • You can walk away with a sale and start a fresh

Once you have a plan to get back on track, free up some income and are able to meet your monthly mortgage payments as per the original agreement, the court may suspend the order for possession. To ensure we give you the best advice possible Dissolve Debt offer a range of products suited to most circumstances. One of our professional advisors will dedicate time assessing your individual situation by way of a FREE financial, no obligation review.

Dissolve Debt are a well respected debt solutions company, once we have assessed your options and you are in a position to make the monthly payments a repossession order may or may not still be made, this is dependent on a number of things including how far on the possession order is and if you are paying off the arrears in full or have an agreed amount per month to pay off the arrears. However, even if it is still enforced it will not be enforced for an agreed amount of time giving you the opportunity to repay the amount owed, or repair the breach in the agreement.

To STOP REPOSSESSION call us FREE on 0800 0122 111 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Financial Review.