What is Debt Management?

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  • Freeze/Reduce interest & charges*

    Helping you get out of debt sooner
  • Reduce letters and calls
    from lenders

    We'll deal with them, so you don't have to

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Debt management is a way to help people struggling with debt reduce their contractual repayments to creditors. Usually if a person is in debt they will probably owe money to many creditors. Debt management can be achieved by spreading the payment over a longer period of time, thus making them more manageable.


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    Find out if a debt management plan is suitable for you, to do this either fill in the form opposite and one of our trained advisors will call you back or contact us on our freephone number 0800 0122 111.

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    Once we have conducted a full assessment of your circumstances we will then advice you on whether a debt management plan is best advice for you and send you information in the post.

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    Once we have received your first payment we will make contact with your creditors to offer them a reduced payment offer and request that they freeze interest and charges.

How a Debt Management Plan can help you...

  • Loan £9,700
  • Credit Card £2,350
  • Overdraft £1,075
  • Payday Loans £2,180
Total Repayments £466
Once on Debt Management Plan
  • Interest frozen / reduced*
  • Just one monthly repayment
  • One point of contact
  • Monthly statement / online portal
Single Repayment £167

What people are saying about our debt solutions...


    You have all been helpful, polite and supportive at all times. Your company has taken on so much and relieved us of a great deal of stress and anxiety during what has been a difficult financial time for us. I would definitely recommend your services to others.

    R & H Olliver

    We are both delighted with the services from Dissolve Debt. Through the help that you have given us, it has allowed us to sleep at night. Thank you so much.

    R & K Bishop

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before creditors would be sending people or bailiffs to my door, and the threat of court action was a valid threat. Once you took the matter on all calls, letters, and implied threats ceased.

    M O'Malley

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