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Prepaid Mastercard

Need help changing your bank account?

There has never been a better time for consumers to move bank accounts. The “Big Five” are under pressure following years of poor customer service, government bail outs and scandal upon scandal.

Yet the average British customer stays loyal to their bank. Why? Speak to us at Money Debt & Credit and we can explain how easy it is to switch accounts. We can even recommend a provider to you!!

ClearCash Prepaid MasterCard & icount – Control your finances

In some cases, it is important that you change your bank account. We recommend ClearCash. ClearCash are one of the leading providers of prepaid accounts on the market, and offer a credit building service through Creditbuilder, and have been established for many years. The main benefits are:

  • Guaranteed acceptance – as long as 18 years of age (and above) with valid UK address
  • No overdraft, no form of credit
  • Just like a bank account with online banking
  • MasterCard® prepaid card can be used at all ATMs and retail outlets that display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.
  • Your own account number and sort code with embossed MasterCard branded prepaid card
  • Just one monthly fee, peace of mind of the most that can ever be incurred
  • Direct Debit, standing orders, one of transfers, just like a bank account
  • Salary / Benefit loading – no problem
  • Load with Cash at the Post Office
  • Additional cardholders for money sharing
  • Could build your credit rating
  • Takes minutes to set up online or over the phone
  • Earn cashback by using online through a dedicated cashback site

*Best of all – no hidden charges, your account is designed to ensure you cannot go overdrawn so no need to worry about unexpected charges. The UK banks made £4 Billion in bank charges in 2011 alone! *

To speak with a ClearCash advisor, call 0161 905 4792 or apply online by clicking the link below: